Month: September 2014


The Chinese city of Chongqing has created a sidewalk lane to separate smartphone-using walkers from those that prefer not to have a legitimate excuse to bump in to babes. The city created their 50 meter sidewalk in order to remind people that using their smartphone while walking can be dangerous (or hilarious, as demonstrated in this oldie but goodie fail compilation video).

If they were serious about the problem they’d dig a deep pit at the end of the walkway. Problem solved.


Every Saturday we’ll post a satirical or non-sensical piece on anything Star [Insert Anything] related: Star [Trek], [Wars], [Fox]….you get the picture. Watch the throne room end scene in Star Wars get real awkward real fast without its score from John Williams. 


Jeff Goldblum is a man of many talents and has been recognized for his eccentric acting roles, but I bet you didn’t know he’s a jazz man to boot. In addition to his film work, Goldblum is a musician and has been fine-tuning his vocal and piano skills with performances in the The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra nearly every week since the 1990s. In fact, he was playing piano before he ever played mad scientist, computer expert, or mathematician on screen.

While a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Goldblum showcases his vocal talent to the tune of Jurassic Park. Let the nostalgia sink in and check it out.


Arizona State University is developing a jet pack that can help propel impetuous Flash-wannabes as they run, presumably from girls because you’d have to lack all common sense to strap a rocket to your back. The project is being funded by DARPA and is coined 4MM because the ultimate goal is to propel a running soldier as fast as a 4-minute mile.The jet pack itself weighs eleven pounds and is still in development but has already shaved nearly 20 seconds off a runner’s one-mile pace.


Super Mario isn’t all he’s cracked up to be. If you think about it, his infatuation with the princess is a bit over the top. He murders turtles to have his way with her. Not convinced? Watch as Super Mario wreaks havoc on the innocent INCLUDING A KITTEN, brought to you by Pastek.


A team of researchers just unearthed dragon-like reptile fossils from China’s Liaoning province, and the creature is reportedly quite similar to the aerial predators called “Ikran” in the Avatar film (minus the mind-melding phalluses). The pterosaur dubbed Ikrandraco (“draco” meaning dragon in Latin) had a wingspan of up to 39 feet and dates back to about 120 million years.

The lead author of the report, Xiaolin Wang, proposes that the Ikrandraco had a throat-pouch much like the one a pelican uses to catch and store its food, making this pterosaur sound much less menacing and appealing.

Read the full report here 


Watch as It’s Ok To Be Smart introduces you to the “Science of Beer”, and we’re not talking “BEER + THIS GUY = YOU CAN’T TOUCH THIS.” We’re talking real and genuinely educational science.

All this talk of drank has my mouth watering so I’m gonna have to STOP, HAMMER TIME.

Yes I went there. 


Here’s a quick tour of the Earth from astronauts Mike Hopkins and Rick Mastracchio as seen from the International Space Station. The shots are impressive, yes, but what I’m most moved by is the Academy-worthy script. “In most of Europe there’s excellent food.” Spot on dude. Spot on.